This weekend we have a complimentary Card big FOX. We are finally getting the rematch with Dustin Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez after their first battle ended in a No Contest. These are just two of the most exciting fighters in the UFC and we ought to observe an wonderful fight here. DraftKings has some decent contests out with this card and I was amazed to see a 20k top prize in their own principal tournament. That’s precisely what I will personally be pursuing and I will be making a bunch of LUs to throw into that. Listed below are a Couple of plays I like for Saturday and my fade of the week:
Cash Game play of the week — Stack (Dustin Poirier $8,800 AND Eddie Alvarez $7,400)
This is an effortless way to begin my cash LU this week and I anticipate this to be very popular in most cash game formats. These two have been on pace for a high scoring fight in their first battle and I think we’ve got a simple 100+ between the two of them . I believe that the winner of the struggle will score over 100 points themselves and then we add all the sig strikes and other points from the failure as well. But we guarantee ourselves the win. The only way this fight does not score more than 100 DK points is someone gets kneed in the mind prohibited and the fight is stopped short….
GPP play of the week — Hakeem Dawodu ($9,400)
I believe this matchup was set up to get Dawodu a win. In addition, I believe Islam Makhachev, who’s $200 more, will probably be very highly possessed and this may be a good pivot off him to distinguish your LU a bit. I do think Dawodu will obtain some good ownership too but I think he is a good GPP drama this week. I believe the most likely outcome in this struggle is Dawodu getting a (T)KO win. He should pay off his $9.4k salary if this is the situation, especially if it’s early. He’s a very solid striker and we didn’t get to see that in his UFC debut where he was angry very early in the struggle. This is the best match for him to showcase his striking and why there was so much hype behind him moving into his introduction. I believe we can observe a 1st round KO here which makes Hakeem Dawodu my GPP play of this week.
Underdog drama of this week — Ion Cutelaba ($7,600)
The main reason Cutelaba is my underdog drama of this week is because there is not any way he isn’t scoring at least 10x if he is able to get the win. He’s got big power and could get a 1st round KO score and here over 100 DK points. If he does that with his cheap salary of $7.6k he’ll surely be at the winning lineup. This is a solid fight to target both sides but points per wages wise, Cutelaba has one of those higher ceilings on the card. I do not see this fight going to conclusion and the winner must score highly. I think if you are making numerous lineups this weekend then you should definitely have exposure to Cutelaba.
Fade of this week — Katlyn Chookagian ($8,700)
I’m fading a couple of fighters this week , but the person I never considered using was Katlyn Chookagian. It is not that I don’t believe she can win, because she for sure can. But I do not see her paying off an $8.7k DK salary with a triumph. I think we would require a finish from her in this struggle to get 10x that salary and I think that’s quite unlikely to happen. The most Chookagian has scored in a UFC fight up to now in her career is 83 DK points. That wouldn’t be enough here to place her at the winning lineup at her 8.7k price label. I think if you’re earning 20 or less lineups this Saturday you can safely fade Chookagian and if she gets a win it should not hurt much.
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