Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma NCAAF Pick – Week 5

Oklahoma Sooners and Also the Texas Tech Red Raiders will meet to an early Day matchup in Norman.

That is the Big 12 opener for both schools, so things will get a little more important now. Oklahoma are coming off a blowout win over the UCLA Bruins, although Texas Tech have been to a bye last week. This was after a poor performance against Arizona. Texas Tech did not come ready to play.
This goes on the area to your coaching staff and players. Notably, offensive coordinator, David Yostreferred to as a head scratcher of a match. A guy did nothing from the ordinary against Arizona. The Wildcats were ready for all. T.J. Vasher, Texas Tech’s standout wide receiver, is the only man who was there to play football. Quarterback Alan Bowman wasn’t hitting on anything. Even balls let his receivers go up and he simply had to throw up and struggle for were way off. It could have been due to a buttocks.
Vasher is towers and a magnet on backs. Bowman wasn’t coming to close most of the time, although missing him is tough. Prepare to the Sooners and the Texas Tech team, and yost, Bowman needed the week off to get the Arizona game from their system. The time needs to be before having to perform Oklahoma, When there’s any week to possess bye. Bowman may have several weeks to think about that game, though, because he is out having a shoulder injury.
An extra week to prepare to get Jalen Hurts Texas Tech is given by that. If it is going to help remains to be seen. I don’t believe you can prepare for Hurts, but obtaining their offense after a performance against a fair Arizona defense is crucial. Oklahoma can put points up on any defense. They have proven that they can give Alabama issues along with the Crimson Tide had time therefore Lincoln Riley knows how to draw up a game plan . This has been Kyler Murray, but Hurts is currently which makes it look as easy at the controls. The Red Raiders will have their hands full. Head below for our free Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma select.
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Texas Tech are likely to want a fantastic game . The whole group had body language from the get-go. No one seemed like they needed to maintain the desert. Maybe it was the heat, enjoy the Red Raiders aren’t used to heat in Lubbock but it isn’t.
Coming off a bye along with a visit to Norman in shop this week, it is difficult to believe that Texas Tech are not going to become this match. They are becoming zero admiration with all the point spread at 27.5, and I’d be surprised if head coach Matt Wells comes into this one without inspiring his team. Wells is a good coach, but we did not find that on display fourteen days ago.
Bowman has pitched for 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions on 65.6% completions. Last year he passed for seven interceptions and 17 touchdowns as a professional before having to exit with a collapsed lung. This was a huge period for Bowman about how bad or good he is and also we can not really say 1 way or another. Now as he continues to be an injury prone player young in his profession, we are going to need to wait some more.
There hasn’t been an official statement regarding that will begin this week at Norman, but expect Jett Duffey along with Jackson Tyner. Duffey has experience and performed with a game this past year against Texas. His problem was turnovers. That includes failing to guard the ball when he works and a lot conducts.
Duffey is a speedster who’ll take off with the ball from his handson. Jackson and Duffey are both QB’s, so this does give Oklahoma something to get ready for they did not have with Bowman. Bowman is a statue in your pocket. Preparing for two quarterbacks can end up being somewhat difficult. And after that inadequate game plan last week, search for OC David Yost to call a game that is much better. He’s going to need to attack since Hurts and Oklahoma are going to score.
The Sooners enter 2nd from the FBS using 55.7 points scored per game. Hurts has been throttling defenses. Hurts has also rushed for yards and 4 touchdowns. Oklahoma and much of a defense have not played but Texas Tech don’t have a device. Anticipate a 52-28 or thereabout to place this matchup OVER the total. Some worth is provided by a total in the low 70’s with Bowman’s news being outside.

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