The Hundred: Tom Banton talks Chris Gayle and golf ahead of draft

Tom Bantons magnificent summer has made him an England call-up and selection for The Hundred. Ahead of the draft , we talked only to the Somerset star.
The 20-year-old was one of those emerging talents from the 2019 season – scoring 549 runs at the Vitality Blast with an average of 42.23 plus a gorgeous strike-rate of 161.43.
He is now reaping the rewards for his prodigious performances and also scored a critical half-century in Somersets Royal London One-Day Cup triumph at Lords in May.
Just how excited can you participate with The Hundred?
I am actually excited about it! A new arrangement, Evidently, a competition, it is going to be interesting to see just how things go in the first couple of games.
Who do you hope the Welsh Fire draft and you to perform?
Im chuffed to figure Jonny Bairstow has joined us out, so hopefully Ill get the chance to open the point. From the draft, in case we might even add Chris Gayle, that will be amazing! Watching him over the years, Ive seen him ruin all kinds of attacks that were bowling. That could be some order that is top! I have never been involved in a draft. As an participant, I will be involved there on the evening, which is fairly cool.
Which of your England partners do you want to receive one ?
I am excited to confront all of them, as I have not played a lot of them – understandably, theyre not actually round on the county circuit that far. I played with Sam Curran and Surrey a couple of times before this year (scoring 71 and 47) and this was a fantastic battle, therefore it would be helpful to come up against him .
An England call-up and selected for The Hundred; does one think the year?
The summer has been great! I wouldnt have believed you In the event you had stated at the beginning of the year that this would occur. I have not actually looked back since, but determine exactly where things go and I have just got to keep improving.
What type of crowds are you anticipating for Your Hundred?
So that I do not think we will have some trouble getting people to return and make some 27, cardiff is renowned for vocal and big crowds! But there will be a new audience attending as well, hopefully, with all the rivalry attractive to families, particularly children. Its important to build the cricket population that is out there today.
Could it become a global success like T20 ahead?
I am not positive whether it is going to grow – nobody understands that at this point – but I see it turned into a true success. The very first couple of games may be somewhat weird to view – for people as players attempting to suss out the rules all – but Im really anticipating it.
You are most excited by what aspect of The Hundred?
Seeing each of the kits today they have been published is pretty cool. Everything is just a bit larger and brighter.
To those new to also The Hundred and the sport, what will you bring to the Welsh Fire?
I can get them off to great starts on peak of the purchase. Im also a wicketkeeper also, if needed, and that brings an additional aspect to my match.
And whats a fascinating fact about you out of the sport of cricket?
I love to think Im good at golf, but I am pretty dreadful! Some of the England boys are currently carrying their golf things to New Zealand – that I do not think Im quite good enough to mix it however, but hopefully they will give me some pointers.
100 bouncers with no padding or you over against him out of Jofra Archer?
One over I guess. A year ago I faced one bouncer from him, and that has been already!
100 countless a single match-winning ton or defeat?
Thats a tricky one. I should probably say the right thing but, however, Im likely to go with the 100 hundreds.
100 chillis or one ghost chilli?
1 ghost chilli. One hundred per cent.
100 bungee jumps or one sky dive out of space?
I dont know if I could bring myself to jump 100 times, so I suppose it would have to function as sky dive from distance, reluctantly.
100 a single duck or horses?
1 horse-sized duck. I guess that will be a lot much more easy to deal with.
The Hundred Draft – Live will be displayed on Sky Sports Cricket, Main Event & Sky One from 7pm on Sunday. It is going to also be available via Sky Sports Facebook and YouTube channels, in addition to dwell on the Sky Sports app and streamed

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