Game of Thrones season 8 odds: Who will win the Iron Throne?

Season 8 of much-hyped HBO juggernaut Game of Thrones has landed on our TV screens.
Westeros fans treated to the epic Battle of Winterfell as the forces of their dwelling were seen by the episode.
While others stepped up to undertake a pivotal role in the epic that was blood-and-guts Quite a few some key characters perished.
But with just 3 episodes left in a series that has become famous for murdering off enthusiast favorites at any given chance, speculation over the fate of these figures has reached fever pitch.
For the Lannisters they’re not in for a series that is happy, at 66/1 and 40/1 with Jamie and Cersei respectively to acquire the Iron Throne. Tryion fares marginally better, but with chances of only 12/1, he makes the top 10.
According to the bookies, the Starks are more likely to acquire the show with Bran and Sansa both. Whilst episode three’s hero Arya Stark is to triumph, the same odds Jon Snow and gendry have chances of 9/2.
With odds of 500/1 Gilly is by far the least favourite though stranger things have happened.

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