Basketball Rules

Settlement of Bets

Statistics provided by the official score(s) supplier or the official website of the relevant competition is going to be used to repay bets. Where data from an official score(s) provider or official site aren’t accessible or there’s significant proof that the official score(s) provider or official site is incorrect, we’ll use independent evidence to back up bet settlement.

In the absence of independent proof or in the presence of conflicting evidence that is significant, bets will be settled following a thorough investigation.

For betting purposes betOnBit does not comprehend protests or overturned decisions.

That date varies
wagers on the event will be voided, When an event is not played on its scheduled date.

If occasion Doesn’t come to its natural conclusion
All bets on the event will be voided, if play is suspended before the minimum time has been attained and not resumed on precisely the day.

Minimum time (duration of event)
All competitions/leagues except at least 35 minutes must be gone by that the NBA for bets to stand unless differently specified.

NBA games must go at least 43 minutes in order to have bets stand.

For stakes on periods (quarters and halfs) the minimum time is considered to be the length of the period. Bets on halfs and quarters will have actions if the period was completed, In the event the whole game is not completed.

In case of overtime
Any bets on the next half or the game will include.

Any bets on the fourth quarter doesn’t include any overtime that may occur.

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