Celebrity passing pools are the place where pop culture is met by fantasy sports leagues. The idea is simple.
You pick on a record of celebrities, usually ten; which you think will die within the calendar year.
You score points if one of your selections kicks off afterward. In the end of the year, the participant with The highest amount of points wins the bag.
Gambling is big business. US gambling revenues were nearly $69 billion. And that’s only the legal stuff that’s monitored by the business. Even if you’re not shooting trips to Vegas or buying weekly lottery tickets, then you’re probably toying with the little things — fantasy leagues, NCAA brackets, Super Bowl squares. Yep, we love to gamble and we’ll find all sorts of inventive ways to do it. But there is one kind of betting game you might not be familiar with even though lots of individuals are playing–celebrity death pools.
Celebrity death pools are where fantasy sports leagues match pop culture. The concept is simple. At the start of the calendar year, you decide on a slate of actors, typically ten; that you believe will die within that calendar year. If one of your picks kicks away, points are scored by you. The principles of the game vary somewhat depending upon the pool. Some award points based on the amount of individuals picking the star, others scale the points dependent on the time of the star. Most allow teams to perform as well as individuals. At the conclusion of the year, the participant (or group ) with the maximum amount of points wins the purse.
Ghoulish? Perhaps a little, but individuals who run and play the pools stress that it is just for fun. As Kelly Bakst, who runs the Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool at stiffs.com puts it,”That which we’re fond of stating is that you’re not gambling on whether or not people will die. Everybody will die. It is just a matter of when.”
For people who play, much of the pleasure is that the thrill of the hunt–doing down the dirty research. The swimming runner of cash4cadavers.com, who’s also a long-time player, told us that for her”it keeps you more attuned to the news. You want to make sure that your celebrities are dead or alive. As for me, I always like the challenge of finding a person who will be famous when they die. Famous enough people will notice, but not so famous that you just expect them to be on the list.”

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