Ineos 1:59 Challenge: Eliud Kipchoge confident of breaking two-hour marathon barrier

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Eliud Kipchoge says that he expects to show there areno limits by becoming the first man to break the two-hour marathon barrier on Saturday.
The Kenyan, 34, is attempting the effort for the second time at the Ineos 1:59 Challenge in Vienna, having missed by 26 seconds in Monza at 2017.
Hes the current world record holder, even because he will be assisted by rotating pacemakers though this effort will not count as an official document.
Im running to make background, he said.
Im running to demonstrate there are no constraints, no person is restricted.
This year, olympic winner Kipchoge, who won the London Marathon for the fourth season, clocked two weeks , 25 moments in a attempt as part of Nikes Breaking 2 project .
This time hell run the 26.2 miles over 4.4 laps of a 5.97-mile course in Prater park in the Austrian capital, together with the route comprising of two 2.67-mile stretches and 2 little loops at each end.
The location was chosen due to the favourable climate, outstanding air quality and almost entirely flat terrain, using only 2.4 metres of incline over the full route.
The effort has been financed by petrochemicals company Ineos – owned by Britains wealthiest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe – which also sponsors the identical names biking group.
The Ineos team analyzed the weather conditions and will decide on a start time on Friday, with Kipchoge hoping the course is going to be lined with audiences.
The program is extremely good – I feel much more prepared and I am convinced, explained Kipchoge.
It is not about thinking,Am I going to get it done? – I have tried it the very first time and the second time, Ill do it.
Kipchoge is going to be aided by 41 pacemakers, who will be helped to keep a constant speed by a speed car thatll beam lasers onto the road.
Even the pacemakers will rotate each lap and Kipchoge will be given off his drinks and energy gels from a bicycle every 3.1 miles, rather than picking them up out of a table as in ordinary marathons.
These aids arent permitted under rules, which explains the reason why sports world governing body didnt recognise his first attempt and will not sanction this one .
While Ethiopias Kenenisa Bekele dropped two weeks short of the mark in the race of this year, the official record broke by running 2:01:39 in the 2018 Berlin Marathon.
That run in Berlin and that this run in Vienna have been two unique things, explained Kipchoge.
Berlin was running and breaking a world record – Vienna is running and making background, like the first man to go to the moon.
Im trying to remain as calm as you can.
Kipchoge was asked if breaking up the barrier would be a boost for sports picture after recent controversies.
After being found guilty of violations leading trainer Alberto Salazar has been banned and there have been populated racks for a lot of the recent World Championships in Doha.
In reply, Kipchoge said:I shall give you an illustration: In a garden there is blossoms and there are weeds.
In Vienna, were discussing the blossoms. Let us focus on the blossoms which may prosper and make everybody in this world be happy.
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