Odds to Be Dead at the End of Game of Thrones Season 8: Jon Snow Favored to Survive; Odds Split on Daenerys

You can Wager on which Game of Thrones characters will Perish in Season 8.

Jon Snow is favored to survive, while the chances are broken on Daenerys’ destiny We analyze the bets on the board Game of Thrones fans are champing at the bit for its final season to get started. The anticipation is so large, that the new trailer has gained over 45 million views in only a single week!
It is inevitable that not all of our favourite characters will survive the approaching season, and while some of the deaths will probably be expected, there’s certain to be more than a few gut wrenching surprises on the way. We’ve been able to bet on who will die first for quite a while, and MyBookie has released odds on who’ll be dead at the end of Season 8.
Additionally, it is fascinating that Jon is a popular to reside, although Bran is nowhere on this listing. It pains me to write, but that might be a subtle hint that Bran does end up on the Iron Throne when each of the bloodshed ceases.
Who’s a Lock ?
The odds are not positive, but Cersei expiring is just one of the few certainties we can count on in year 8. His fate was shown at a young age by Maggy the Frog, so far everything the Forest Witch has predicted has come true.

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