World Athletics Championships: GB duo cool with midnight marathons & air-con stadium

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By Saj Chowdhury
BBC Sport
Charlotte Purdue has been pounding on a laboratory treadmill.
The 28-year-old advised BBC Sport she had completed 10 sessions of up to 90 minutes each at the physiology department of St Mary’s University, together with two more remaining. The process in this madness is to stay away from wilting in Friday’s women’s marathon at the World Championships in Doha, and it is scheduled to start a minute before midnight.
Doha’s requirements – which top 40C – meant organisers had little alternative except to begin the women’s and men’s races as you can. On the other hand, humidity is nonetheless expected by the Hampshire athlete also for temperatures to vary from 33-36C, which explains exactly why she use the services provided by this London university.
“The lab monitored my heart-ratebody thickness and sweat-rate, also according to those values we worked out if I had been adapting to the heat – it is thus far, so great,” Purdue said prior to going to Great Britain’s training camp in Dubai.
“After the very first session I thought I would never be able to try it, but I really like it today.”
Coached by Australian Nic Bideau, the European cross-country champion is presently in health following a torrid 2018. Injury forced her to withdraw from the London Marathon she endured cramp at the European Championships in a race and a virus which effectively finished toped off that.
In contrast, 2019 saw her become the third richest British marathon runner, so win against at the London half marathon and follow that up with a place in the Great North Run, at which she knocked a moment best.
Unsurprisingly, Purdue sounded ebullient.
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“I came off two large build-ups, but did not operate the marathons, therefore it isn’t such a jolt that I got to good shape ,” she added.
“I am glad it’s gone easier for me this year – looking back on what occurred it has worked out pretty well.”
The Briton is of completing greater compared to the 13th she handled two years back from London, hopeful, also the marathon course of Doha could assist her in her mission.
“It’s six 7km loops of the Doha Corniche,” she said. “It is flat so it could be quite a fast course, although if it was not so hot then it would be a quick course.
“The fantastic thing is that I really like doing plenty of loops. Anybody who know me from coaching camps knows I like loops.”
The events within the refurbished Khalifa Stadium have been scheduled to factor in the weather. Unlike World Championships, there aren’t any morning sessions, together with the competition beginning in the earliest local time, after 16:00.
Purdue’s team-mate Eilish McColgan, who will compete in 10,000 m and the 5,000 m, is not worried about the heat influencing the athletes because of the air-conditioning system that will operate inside the venue. This was executed in the Doha Diamond League event in May.
The Scot, whose mother Liz – the 1991 10,000m world champion – trainers children in Doha, told BBC Sport:”Individuals shouldn’t freak about it a lot. The temperature will be regulated to mid 20Cs from the low. We had been running during the New British ministry in Birmingham in 30C.
“That’s the reason why a lot of the athletes have been imagining in high altitude in Switzerland or France because they realise the stadium will probably be air conditioned.
“I had been talking to Qatari large jumper Mutaz Barshim who said he found it rather cold since there were constant jets of air. Needless to say, for us we won’t feel that.”
McColgan, 28, also passed advice to those intending to train outside the arena:”I have been operating in public parks since the streets are chaos.
“You also have to be sure you’re covered appropriately in order to respect the culture and religion. I make sure I wear more tops or three-quarter length leggings, and I’ll always wear a T-shirt.”
Purdue will line-up to the women’s marathon in 21:59 BST on McColgan and now Friday begins her campaign with all the 10,000m final on Saturday at 19:10 BST.
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