British Fast5 Netball All-Stars Championship: Who will come out on top?

The British Fast5 All-Stars Championships returns to the Box Arena in London on Saturday.

With Golden Buzzer Power Plays an all-star five-point lineup and more, it is no wonder that All-Star Jo Harten cannot wait to get on court.
The motivated global shooter, who is returning to some facet Loughborough Lightning, is among those selections for your 2019 championships and can be set to illuminate the courtroom in London.
Back for another year, this format incorporates 12-minute starts and matches with a Dual Elimination Round. Every second will be shown live on Sky Sports Mix and Sky Sports Action on Saturday from 1pm.
It will be interesting. The crowd appear to get behind this particular format, they enjoy the quick pace along with the tenacity of this match, Harten told Sky Sports.
Needless to say with the Power Plays, there is minutes of stress throughout the brief games.
I am looking forward to it. The only piece I wont be looking ahead to are the lungs – there one to be an option plus needing to get out for a Centre Pass! It is a bit of pressure, but really youve just got to get the work done as efficiently as you can.
Harten and Lightning have been drawn from Manchester Thunder in the opening round, while defending champions Wasps Netball will meet Severn Stars.
Team Bath and Celtic Dragons will battle along with the opening match will see Surrey Storm take on Saracens Mavericks.
With teams having the option of drafting in All-Star selections for this championship (Harten being among these ), we take a look at a number of theseringers to keep a close eye on…
Lets discuss the England shooter who always plays with her heart upon her sleeve – be it Test fit or club game, Harten gives it her all.
Without even touching an netball, with experienced a well-deserved break post Suncorp, harten is coming off the back of five months.
Though shes modest about how things might go on Saturday as it concerns the dinosaurs, we are looking forward to the shooter providing Rachel Dunn a run for her money!
Were not planning the one-points in Loughborough apparently! We are just going to your fives…, Harten said with a smile.
Its exactly what it is, you need to choose the embarrassment should you do an air-ball! Im keen for this, I got better , I got better this morning, so ideally…
Stacey Francis is back in Gold, Blue & for a second year since the All-Star pick of Team Bath, along with also the 31-year-old is enjoying being back.
Playing for Bath, it is really unique. I think that as netball proceeds to become more professional, loyalty, enthusiasm and choosing nightclubs for all those reasons tends to start to go away from the match, Francis told Sky Sports in the live draw.
Toilet is definitely accountable for making me the player I am and for starting my career.
So the chance to return, and also to be welcomed, with left on good terms, is beautiful. Its like moving home. It is really great to return and also to work with old and new players
Jhaniele Fowler requires no introduction! The Jamaica international has won MVP awards for West Coast Fever, along with the player of the year award, and she has 56 limits.
As one of Saracens Mavericks All-Stars, Fowler will seem to be together with Ama Agbeze also trying to assist the runners-up of last year move one step farther, in the heart of their work.
The afternoon will start together with the matches before this week decided by the live draw at Sky Sports, with the Double Elimination Round.
Two victories and teams will progress instantly to the semi-finals, that and two losses will be their Fast5 Championship campaign over. It is!
Ahead of this competition along with the Womens Super League showdown between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester Kadeen, Sasha and United Corbin faced Spurs gamers Jenna Schillaci and Angela Addison at a netball versus soccer grudge match.
The Fast5 All-Stars Challenge comprised a Blindfolded 5-Pointer along with also the Crossbar Challenge and took place.
The competitive juices surfaced, and have a look at how our netballing match sealed their victory in the movie below…
The electric Rachel Dunn and her extraordinary accuracy when it came into sinking the long bombs directed to the title this past year wasps Netball.
This season, a strong squad has been selected by head trainer Mel Mansfield again. Dunn is place to enjoy Jade Clarkes pinpoint distribution and Hannah Knights will lead their charge .
Celtic Dragons: Latanya Wilson, Leila Thomas, Kyra Jones Abby Tyrrell, Amy Clinton, Paige Kindred, Sophie Morgan Rebekah Robinson.
Loughborough Lightning: Alice Harvey, Lucy Parize, Ella Clark Hannah Joseph, Suzie Liverseidge, Jamsin Odeogberin, Sam May, Annabel Roddy, Jo Harten.
Manchester Thunder: Joyce Mvula, Kathryn Turner, Ashleigh Neal, Caroline OHanlon, Rebekah Airey, Emma Dovey, Loreen Ngwira Erin Bell.
Saracens Mavericks:Sasha Corbin, Kadeen Corbin, Georgia Lees, Jo Trip, Beth Ecuyer Dale Steph Collard Jhaniele Fowler, Ama Agbeze.
Severn Stars: Tuaine Keenan, Ella Powell-Davies Liana Leota, Lucy Harris Paige Reed Leana de Bruin.
Surrey Storm: Mikki Austin, Niamh Cooper, Yasmin Hodge England, Katy Hughes, Lorraine Kowalewska Emily Gulvin, Alima Priest, Yasmin Parsons, Karyn Bailey.
Team Bath: Kim Commane, Laura Rudland, Betsy Creak Rachel Shaw, Mia Ritchie, Abigail Robson, Fionnuala Toner Stacey Francis.
Wasps: Tamsin Moala, Jade Clarke, Beth Dix Amy Flanagan, Katie Harris, Ally Housley, Josie Huckle, Hannah Knights, Hannah Leighton.
Sky Sports is your house of netball once they visit South Africa in November, while the Roses return to actions under new trainer Jess Thirlby and the British Fast5 All-Stars Championships begins at 1pm on Saturday.

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