Proven NBA Betting Systems: The Bounce Back System & The Three in Four System

The Bounce Back System

On the flipside, NBA teams coming off of bad offensive performances possess a remarkable knack for rebounding back throughout their next home game. Bet Labs looked in 250 games where home teams were coming off a poor offensive performance (though they did not expressly define”bad”) and discovered their following games surpassed the projected point total nearly 62 percent of the time. Must be the power of home cooking.

After doing your homework, start looking for great teams which shot under 40% from the field in their previous outings and then bet the over in their next home game.

The Three Four Procedure
The NBA has gone out of its way to reduce the amount of back-to-back matches in the past couple of years, but it is not unusual for matches to happen in which both teams are still playing their third game in four nights. The experts at found that clubs playing under this situation surpass the projected point total 58.8% of the time.

The most likely explanation is that defense requires a lot more effort than offense, and many players play D with much less intensity when they’re tired. No matter the scenario, you’d be well advised to decide on the”over” when this situation presents itself onto the program.

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