Real Madrid heads into the new season with more questions than answers

(CNN) — Zinedine Zidanes second coming Real Madrid proved the Frenchman is no miracle worker.
When he returned into the club for another spell as coach, he was designed to supply answers.
From the time Zidane was reappointed in March, two managers — Santiago Solari and Julen Lopetegui — were gone in the blink of an eye.
Fast forward to the conclusion of Real Madrid and the season had dropped 17 games in all competitions and completed 19 points making it the worst Los Blancos facet of the 21st Century.
Actual lost four of the 11 games of Zidane accountable but his first spell earned him the benefit of the doubt with the board of the club.
However, as La Liga shouts off Athletic Club beat Barcelona on Friday — doubts still linger over Zidanes man management skills, his tactical nous and whether or not the achievement of his first spell has been down to 11 players human brilliance — especially Cristiano Ronaldos relentless goalscoring feats.
I feel the main victory of Zidane from the last years has been Cristiano Ronaldo and hes not in Madrid anymore, Catalunya Radio journalist Ernest Macia told CNN Sport.
So now well see the authentic Zidane. The people here in Madrid stated:The Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane, it had been the Real Madrid of Cristiano Ronaldo. Today well see how difficult its to handle, to master a room like Real Madrid when results arent excellent.
Hes a lot of credit because he won three Champions Leagues, but it will depend not only on the outcomes but on how Real Madrid plays. Contrary to Barcelona, which is a club having a doctrine and DNA, Real is a team that welcomes cash to acquire titles.
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Pogba or Pogba
A — which has contained a and Zidane feud with Gareth Bale has added doubt at the club to an period.
It has been widely reported that the Frenchman will now keep both Bale and James Rodriguez from the group against his own wishes, as Real failed to land his No. 1 midfielder goal Paul Pogba.
Real President Florentino Perez has been reported to be a lover of James and this Welshman — coming during his time at the club, and has clashed above their functions with Zidane.
Zinedine Zidane desired Pogba at any cost, Macia explained. If he was asked:Okay, if Pogba isnt feasible, another participant? He said:Pogba.
Of course it is a major disappointment if Pogba remains [in Manchester United], he will need to locate solutions someplace else. Hes been offered three of four distinct choices and hes not happy with Bale, who is a player who makes a difference but he gets hurt very frequently.
Several summer signings will also require time and to what he views as his defender Zidane has continued to display preference.
Karim Benzema looks set to begin the season up front before new $60 million ($66.5M) striker Luka Jovic, while doubts remain regarding the role summer marquee signing Eden Hazard will perform.
Actual announced the Belgian star has sustained a hamstring injury and will miss Saturdays season opener against Celta Vigo to make things worse.
Stalwart Marcelo will likely be favored at return to exciting youthful signing Ferland Mendy, since will Raphael Varane instead of 50 million ($55M) signing Eder Militao to partner captain Sergio Ramos in the core of defense.
I dont see them winning many more names, Macia said. In Europe they have big competitors, in La Liga they have Barcelona which is well accommodated. It will return to this undertaking is grown by Real Madrid.
With new players, particularly the registering of Hazard, and also how they make the transition from the older ones — such as Modric from midfield — and the newcomers. Im not sure that Zidane is your guy although I think that Real has the players.
I think it will be quite difficult for him and his brand new time therell be more challenging compared to the past four years.
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Champions League obsession
With Atletico Madrid undergoing the squad overhaul — an exciting one — at the eight-year predominate of Diego Simeone, Barcelonas settled facet would be the favourite to retain its La Liga title.
The $120 million ($132M) registering of Antoine Griezmann from lead rival Atleti and the arrival of precocious talent Frenkie de Jong from Ajax has augmented an already world class group.
Barcelonas focus this season will definitely be on the Champions League, a competition it has crashed out of in spectacular style the last two seasons and hasnt won since 2015.
After surrendering 3-0 and 4-1 Duty contributes against Roma and Liverpool , respectively, there is an increasing issue among fans that the team is throwing off chances for the greatest player ever: Lionel Messi.
After what has happened in the last two seasons, the Champions League is now the priority — I would say it is an obsession, Macia stated. In Barcelona we know we have possibly the best player of all time and that we are squandering our time committing irrational mistakes.
In Barcelona we think the Champions League is a must for this team. Because Barcelona has an incredible team although not only because of Messi.
They have invested a Great Deal of cash in Griezmann and De Jong and potentially Barcelona has the best group in Europe, along with Manchester City.
Barcelonas pre-season showing signs that the players are incorporating nicely into the plans this year, losing just once and has been promising.
However, the defeat in Bilbao Friday of Barca suggested the Blaugrana might have a battle on their hands to win the title, while Real won 3-1 away despite playing most of the second half after Luka Modric was routed off.

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