Dodgers vs. Braves MLB Pick – August 17th

A battle of National League heavyweights Proceeds on Saturday, Following the Dodgers won the Contested with a score of 8-3 Friday night at SunTrust Park in Atlanta.

The Dodgers scored in the top of the 2nd to have a 1-0 lead, together with the Braves reacting with 3 runs of their own in the bottom half of the inning.
A 3-1 lead was the Braves had to celebrate in that contest, as the Dodgers came back for 7 Violent scores. The ball was running for the Dodgers again in the one. They place a Major League Baseball record with a whopping 22 home runs in just five games. Together with their rotation, the Dodgers are a tough outside right now for almost any competitor.
If the games were played on paper, we are likely to have an Astros-Dodgers World Series. They’re definitely the most well-rounded groups we have from the majors and that I do not expect that to change. The Braves are likely to be more in the postseason, however, their bullpen could be scary bad sometimes. It is amazing that they rank 14th in the majors, because they have gotten themselves into trouble plenty recently.
They haven’t been too reliable, whereas the Astros and Dodgers are in the top-10 in regards to relievers. Following the 3-run inning for the Braves last night, the Dodgers’ pitching staff claimed that the Braves scoreless for 7 innings. Adam Kolarek and Julio Urias were both sharp in relief.
The Dodgers are currently ten matches around the Braves in the National League. There’s little suspense left to the top seed from the NL. The only thing left to pick for the Dodgers is when they are likely to get homefield advantage in the Dodgers, should they go that way in the postseason. The Dodgers will send out their Cy Young candidate, Hyun-jin Ryu, to the bulge tonight. He’s the clear favorite at this time and would receive an extra boost with a strong performance Saturday against the Braves. Head below to our complimentary Dodgers vs. Braves pick.
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This year hasn’t gone according to plan for Mike Foltynewicz. Foltynewicz had his eyes set on following last season with the encore presentation in 2019. He had his best year in the majors, posting an ERA of 2.85 in 31 starts last season.
What was going well for him big things were expected out of him this season as well. However, Foltynewicz has not made it easy on himself also must end up strong to save a little face entering the main period of the season. He had been sent to the minors after getting mauled for 8 earned runs in 4 innings from the Nationals in June.
This is his third return in the starting rotation since June 22nd. He hasn’t done much to repair his dreadful ERA. Foltynewicz enters Saturday with the ERA of 6.24 along with also 1.43 WHIP at 70.2 innings this season.
He has allowed seven earned conducts in 11.1 innings since returning, so that there are obviously items for him to work out yet. In Foltynewicz’s previous three outings, he posted an 8.80 ERA and 1.76 WHIP. The Dodgers have been able to attain base frequently against him in his profession, since they carry a .398 OBP in 75 at-bats going into Saturday.
Foltynewicz will need to keep up with Ryu in this . Ryu enters the contest on fire, with an ERA of 0.46 and also 0.97 WHIP. He has gotten used to spinning some spectacular games for the Dodgers this year. Other than just one bad spot from the Rockies in Colorado, Ryu has been hot all season with a 1.45 ERA and also 0.93 WHIP.
He hasn’t allowed a run in his previous 13 innings pitched and a crime has not scored over a run since June 28th at Colorado. Ryu has stopped over 1-run at 11 of his past 12 outings. That is a Cy Young effort for Ryu and it seems to be just a matter of time before he’s named the winner. All things considered, getting him at this cost looks like a fairly nice deal on Saturday against the Braves.

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