Bovada Sportsbook Overview

While hunting for your first online gaming website, you will be hard-pressed to find a better option than Bovada. With several years of expertise, Bovada is still one of the most reputable and recognizable brands when it comes to online sports gambling and gaming, largely in part to their quick payouts and top-quality customer service.

Why Bovada is a Reputable Sports Betting Website?

Sports gambling continues to increase in popularity every year, and this increased interest has seen many new sportsbooks go into the marketplace looking for their piece of this action. With so many options available to sports bettors, trust has become the biggest factor to consider when shopping for a place to place your bets.

Sports bettors concur that Bovada is one of the most reliable sportsbooks in operation for many reasons. Since 2011, when Bodog changed their title to Bovada for US bettors, Bovada has prided itself in their rate of payouts. Bovada delivers multiple draw options and sports bettors always match the rate of Bovada’s cashouts.

Bovada listens to their players. Before, Bovada had a reputation for being later than the rest of the market to launch lines, but Bovada shared using Sportsbook Review their brand new line-posting schedule which places it on par with other major online sportsbooks. Bovada has maintained an SBR rating of A+ because August 2017.

With both email and phone support options, sports bettors also find Bovada to become trustworthy as a result of its speed and accessibility of the client service offerings. In the world of sports gambling things can move extremely quickly, and Bovada offers top level customer service to make certain that bettors are not left waiting for replies when they’d prefer to be seeing the game. In an industry that sees sportsbooks open and shut regularly, Bovada’s capacity to offer customers high degree service has enabled them to make the name as a + rated sportsbook at Sportsbook Review, meaning that sports can bet with confidence in Bovada.

Sports Betting Options Available in Bovada

Bettors will find that Bovada offers odds for all major American sports, as well as European favorites like darts, cycling, rugby and e-sports. Their team that is prop caters to political betting markets and entertainment.

Standard wagering choices are all available, with point spread gambling, totals and moneylines out there for all matchups, but Bovada also supplies teasers and parlay betting choices for those seeking to acquire a bit more exotic with their betting.

Alternate lines can also be discovered, and Bovada delivers in-game wagering and sport special prob betting markets for nearly every major market matchup on the program.

While higher juice might be found using their live wagering merchandise, this likely only deters professional, price-trading gamers; the Bovada sportsbook leaves little to be desired for most sports bettors.

Does Bovada Offer Bonuses?

Sports bettors searching for the best value is going to be pleased with the many deposit bonus alternatives available in Bovada sportsbook, all which may be obtained by making a new account or through an present profile. All sportsbook bonuses found at Bovada discuss a withdraw rule, which requires bettors to fulfill all bonus term prerequisites before withdrawing funds in their account. Bettors who opted to eliminate money from their bankroll prior to complying with the details of the bonus are subject to having the bonus and all money won using the bonus revoked. Bonus provisions sometimes require evidence of a government issued address or identification, so be sure to touch base with Bovada’s customer support team prior to withdrawing funds to avoid forfeiting your bonus.

Bovada Betting Limits

Wagering limits may vary by the type of wager and from the sport, with a few options allowing as little as a $0.50 wager. Sports bettors will realize that the maximum limits allowed at Bovada are lower than several sportsbooks, but that is something that can frequently be negotiated for those”high-rollers” from the crowd.

Football has the highest limits of any sports on Bovada, using a maximum limitation of $5,000, and totals and moneylines maxing out at a $2,500 limit.

Lower limits are in place for all other leagues.

Mobile Sports Betting

We reside in a fast-paced world, and Bovada has assembled a compact mobile betting platform to allow you to put your bets quickly and on the move. Users will be happy to see that no download is required, and so long as a powerful wireless signal can be obtained, speed is not ever an issue.

Given that no download is necessary, users can access Bovada on both the iPhone and Android devices, and users may find that Bovada’s poker platform is available on both the iPad and mobile devices also.

In general, the mobile website of Bovada is slick. Some might even go so far as stating that particular features really perform better than they do to the desktop platform. Mobile users will also be eager to use the Bovada sports gaming program, which provides lines on all major sports and works with nearly every mobile device we analyzed.

The Bovada app features in-play gambling on thousands of matches and enables players to place parlays and teasers, as well as traditional direct bets.

Much like their website, the Bovada app is easy to navigate and offers a straightforward user experience which makes mobile betting a breeze.

Signup bonuses are also available on the Bovada app, with the same 50% free bet bonus worth found on their website platform for deposit up to $500.

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