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Why threat getting different ailments from BB anything. I’ve seen guys take pics of ladies on here that are drugged out of their mind, needle marks, no teeth, closely bruised with open sores. And if you catch HIV, it is costly to treat.

Do all mongers who get BBBJ finally get herpes?

I’m pretty new at this, the final couple of occasions I’ve dreamt of providers I dreamt about BB Greek, from girls who have been talked about on this web site. Part of me would say sure as a result of they know the way to be more cautious than some random woman at a membership would be. But then the other half is the high volume. I always ask if they’re clear and so they at all times reply sure. But who knows if they imply it or not simply to make a couple of bucks you realize?

Nah, I in all probability will not see her again unless I’m keen to go BBFS as a result of my will-power sucks. Anyway, it is all the time the identical with me after going BBFS, I get paranoid about every thing, “what’s that itching”, “is that a slight burning after I take a piss”, and so on. It was about time for me to get examined again anyway. I’ll wait a couple of months before getting examined since I assume the HIV results are extra correct after a number of months, then I’ll most likely get examined again in six months.

Do all mongers who get BBBJ finally get herpes?

Latex ones are the most effective but none are 100% effective. All specialists suggest wearing a condom in any respect time when engaged in sexual activity. I tend to freak myself out after a dream.

But new expertise exists (think tablets & sensible phones) that may detect the precise virus as soon as 10-days time! So yeah, if one wants to be assured they’re clear, ensure you are utilizing the antigen check (new technology). I am reminded of the widespread information / recommendation given to dudes visiting Thailand. If you are going to go together with a lady, select a go-go or beer bar girl as those institutions make sure the ladies are checked and medically cleared.

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When you guys get tested, is it often simply the essential checks at Diamond Head or do you get tested for every thing? First time I got examined, I went to Diamond Head and found out that they did not test for Herpes and Hepatitis, so I headed over to Waikiki Health Clinic and received the additional checks. The shitty part is that despite the fact that you could have insurance, I don’t assume the extra tests are lined since they don’t seem to be beneficial by the CDC or some other well being standards.

2005 Archived Safe Sex Reports

I actually have accomplished hundreds of women BBFS and not caught something. I nearly at all times use lube treated with Chlorhexidine Gluconate. I get examined every 6 months for common STD’s, and annually get the total panel (Hep be and see, HSV 1&2, HIV, and the rest of the common STD’s) I just had my yearly test, all negative. Let me be clear, I am not advocating BBFS over BBBJ, or that BBFS is secure by any means. I am simply trying to dispel the notion that BBBJ is “relatively secure”, whereas BBFS is not.

There’s additionally the others that don’t give a shit about what the cost is and wish precedence and her attention. I wish usa sex guide fayetteville nc my work took me out of here extra often. I get on the highway about 3 occasions a year.

No remedy for herpes

Regardless, the chance is there, and there’s no different method around it. When ladies are ‘away’, my suspicion is because they are having some sort of break out or rest. No one will actually know although, and that’s just a part of it. We all know any kind of bareback encounters have greater risks concerned. Not positive if this thread will get deleted or responded to however figured I strive.

Waiting time

I have not had sex with anybody else in a number of months. I obtained examined on Tuesday, outcomes came again unfavorable for 10 different STDs. But I’m still slightly sore after I piss and there is a white substance that I can force out of my dick within the morning.

I’ve had three or four supply BBFS and partook on three of them. I will identify two of them if anybody has been round lengthy enough to recognize them they can suggestions as well.

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